martedì 29 luglio 2014


Many believe that it is useless to do a tuboplasty to somebody who cannot have children because of bilateral tubal blockage, because the rate of success of the operation is extremely low according to literature.
But because it is the last procedure many people here can afford, I have always decided that it is worthy to try. Actually very few of my patients would have enough money to try an “in vitro fertilization”: so at least we get a chance with tuboplasty.
Although I do not have data from Chaaria, I can say for sure that tuboplasty is not a useless operation, because after it many couples have got children.
Even today I had a great joy when I have done an ultrasound to a patient I had operated at the beginning of April: as you can see from the picture she is already pregnant. The embryo is viable, the heart activity is present and I was even able to see the embryonic movements in the amniotic fluid. The gestational age is of 10 weeks.
What an experience to show the picture on the monitor to the anxious mother who was infertile and did not have any child! What an emotion for me when she cried of joy and started to pray in order to thank God for the life she had conceived!
With this post I simply wanted to share my satisfaction for the pregnancy we have achieved just 4 months after the tuboplasty.
Results like this one will encourage us to continue with the procedure even in future.

Br Dr Joseph Gaido

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